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Carlos Murillo

B.S. Food Science Cal Poly, 1999
M.S. Agriculture with Sp. Dairy Technology 2000

What he does now:

Research Associate, Hilmar Ingredients division of Hilmar Cheese Company
Carlos' work includes Product and Process Development which involves developing new products. Being in the ingredients side of the company my work focuses on 80% whey protein concentrate (WPC80) and lactose. This means creating an entirely new powder derived from WPC80 with improved functionality or refining an existing product stream. If the approach is making a new product, then experimental design is used to test many combinations and proportions of the product formulation. This typically starts in the lab and shifts to our pilot facility and ultimately a commercial trial is run.

He is also involved with Methods Development which is the ability to identify and quantify essential chemical components in a novel powder. So as our product line grows, so must our ability to test and describe what we've produced for reference, declaration and regulatory purposes. We also provide technical guidance as many of our ingredient-related processes were originally developed by the R&D group. This may involve monitoring processing parameters like time and temperature as well as formulation practice.

Why he recommends Cal Poly's Food Science and Nutrition Department

"Cal Poly Food Science and Nutrition excels with a multi-faceted and widely integrated approach to education. Instruction takes you beyond the classroom and into the field, on campus and off. Field trips, senior projects, internships, hosted events and club activity all help in building knowledge, skills and valuable contacts. 'Doing' in such outlets generates profound return whatever route is pursued."